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chronic pain treatment

Meet Your Chronic Pain Specialist

natural chronic pain doctor

Dr. Jason Winkelmann, ND, DC

Interestingly enough, I never wanted to be a doctor.  Not because I had other dreams, but because I didn’t have a lot of personal success with allopathic (conventional) medicine.  For a long time I struggled with my own health and went from doctor to doctor, trying treatment after treatment to no avail.  Only to be left frustrated, feeling like a test subject of different drugs and procedures.  There was no personal connection.  All of my treatments were the standard of care for my diagnosis, none of them were prescribed with me in mind, for what I actually needed.  It was not until I started seeing practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine that I really saw and understood True Health.  True Health that I realized is obtainable by everyone.  

Now, It's my turn to change the way chronic pain is treated.  Over years of practice the one condition I saw mistreated time and again was chronic pain.  Medications, injections, and even surgeries aren't working as well as we are told they do.  They often produce unwanted side effects, and offer only temporary relief at best.  As a Naturopathic doctor and a Chiropractor I view chronic pain completely differently than medical doctors do.  Chronic pain does not have a "cure" because modern medicine is too focused on treating conditions instead of the person.  Chronic pain is incredibly complex and looks different in everyone, even if you have the same diagnosis.  


This is why I treat my patients from a holistic standpoint; addressing their pain from a physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional standpoint.  Finding all the contributing factors of your pain and treating the whole person is the only way to get out of chronic pain, and to stay out of pain.  It's a simple concept, but one conventional medicine struggles with grasping.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was go from doctor to doctor with nothing to show for it, with an optimism that the next new drug or procedure would be the one that worked.  I just wanted to live my life.  That's what I want for you too.  To get your life back because chronic pain is treatable and does not need to put you on the sideline anymore!

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