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chronic pain treatment

Our Program

There are a lot of issues with the way modern, conventional, medicine treats chronic pain.  Today's chronic pain doctors have lack of treatment options (drugs, injections, surgery), a lack of time (you only see your doctor for 8-12 minutes on average), they are restricted by your insurance company (surly your insurance company knows what is best for your health), and they treat your diagnosis, not you, which makes them prone to missing all the root causes of pain.  Not to mention they only treat the physical components of your pain.
That's why we do things differently.  Our 6 month program is completely individualized, all inclusive, and completely natural.  Not because it's trendy, but because it what works.  Our program identifies and treats the various causes of your chronic pain: physically, biochemically, and psychosomatically.  One frictionless program, with one chronic pain specialist, under one roof.  Best of all, we give you the tools you'll need to stay out of pain and cut the cord with your doctors and reliance on medications!

In Person

If you are in the Denver area, or can relocate for the duration (or a portion) of the program, your experience will look a little like this...

Your first visit is usually between 2-3 hours long.  While this may seem like a long time, it is important because in order to treat the whole you, I need to get to know the whole you first.  After that I have a much better idea of what is going on with your body and what is causing and driving your chronic pain.  

Then we will order some specialty lab testing, things that your doctor may not even know about but definitely won't order for you.  Things like food sensitivity testing, advanced inflammatory panels, and if we need to test for autoimmune diseases, mold toxicity, or hormone imbalances we will do so to leave no stone unturned!

The we will create a treatment plan that includes all of your physician quality supplements, naturopathic medicine to address diet and lifestyle modifications, chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, cold laser therapy, hydrotherapy, infrared sauna therapy, mind-body counseling, and even some custom orthotics to make your whole spine happy!  

All of this is included and you receive as many visits as you need in those 6 months!  Best of all, you'll receive all the tools you'll need to treat yourself and stay out of pain!


If you are not in the Denver area, or can't relocate for the duration (or a portion) of the program, no sweat!  We can still do so much virtually!  

Most of my virtual patients still get excellent results despite the lack of in person treatments because we are still treating the heavily ignored biochemical and psychosomatic causes of your chronic pain!  My virtual patients experience just as many visits as my in-person patients because there is so much to address and talk about!

You still get the same first visit, lab work (we can draw your labs anywhere in the US), supplements, naturopathic medicine, and mind-body counseling as you would in person.

I will assist you with any at home exercises you can do to regain mobility and heal any damaged tissues!  But if we decide that you need more I will help you find trusted practitioners in your area to provide any physical medicine you may need.

Same great pain relieving program for wherever you are in the world!

Specialty Lab Testing

Tests your doctors have never run to help get to the bottom of your pain and inflammation

Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic adjustments or mobilizations to help get movement back into your joints and correct spinal abnormalities

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine gets down to the root causes of your chronic pain and treats them at the source

Soft Tissue Therapy

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments need love too because they play a large role in pain modulation


Regulate your autonomic nervous system, curb stress, and tackle inflammation all in one relaxing therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

It's not magic but you'll think it is after you see how quickly your pain eases with this form of light therapy

Custom Orthotics

Give your feet some love and the rest of your spine with thank you later whenever you're on your feet

Infrared Sauna

The most scientifically advanced sauna experience to decrease inflammation, stimulate energy production, and promote healing


Physician quality supplements that actually work to give your body the nutrients it needs to jumpstart healing

Mind-Body Counseling

The mind is the driver of your chronic pain, your body is just the passenger


As a result of our program, you will be  overall healthier and have a greater quality of life.  Something a drug and other pain management clinics cannot give you.

Your Life Back

While the average chronic pain sufferer spends $12,500/year and never gets out of pain, you only spend a fraction of that for lasting relief!


Take the next step to finally relieve your chronic pain!

The road to recovery is just one click away!  Quickly and easily apply to be one of our patients and witness for yourself how you can put your chronic pain to rest once and for all without surgery, injections, or medications, and without any side effects!

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