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Our Philosophy

Chronic Pain

Are you happy with your current chronic pain treatments?


The conventional way of treating chronic pain, as you may have experienced, is ineffective and outdated.  It’s a trial and error system of different drugs, injections, and procedures.  It is lacking any human connection or understanding of the underlying causes of pain.  It was never designed with you in mind.


In conventional medicine, the star of the chronic pain story is the latest new drug or operation.  But you’ve done pain long enough.  You’ve sacrificed enough and have put your life on hold while this “star” is getting all the credit.  Except YOU are the hero of this story and it’s time for you to leave your ordinary world full of pain and to be transformed into a world where you can do everything you want again because you are not limited by pain.  Yes, this is possible!

Chronic Pain

Are you getting the individualized care you were promised?


Most pain clinics claim to have an integrative team of practitioners who will work together to produce a customized treatment plan for you.  Except for these different practitioners are not talking to one another and are not collaborating to give you the best care possible.  They are giving you the same course of over the counter medications, followed by the same trial of different opioids, furthered by a predictable trial of various injections, a sprinkle of physical therapy, and when all else fails, surgery to “fix” the “problem.”  This is the same course of treatment that they give every patient no matter who you are and they prescribe them without worrying about the risks they pose to you.   

But that’s all about to change! 


We know what it takes to get out of pain because we understand the human body in all its complexity. We know that when it comes to chronic pain it is not just and overactive pain receptor or a hypersensitive nerve causing you pain and that it cannot just be fixed with a generic intervention.  Chronic pain is so much more complicated than that and you need a treatment plan that can be tailored to you and your specific needs.  Not another course of the latest pain relieving drug.  Because not only can chronic pain be treated without drugs, treatment is more effective without them.

chronic pain

Are your needs being met?

Chronic pain is not cut and dry. There is no one exact cause.  There are hundreds of different causes, and, therefore, there needs to be just as many solutions.  At True Health Natural Pain Center we understand this, which is why we have a plethora of treatment options to treat all the causes of your pain: physically, biochemically, and emotionally.   And because no two people are alike, no two treatment plans are alike.  You are guaranteed to get the most individualized treatment plan to meet your needs.  Best of all, we give you the tools you need to create lasting pain relief and a new optimism on life.  You’ll be able to do all the things you love again without limitations!

chronic pain
chronic pain

You’ve given up enough being at the mercy of pain.  Pain that can be treated. Don’t lose any more time or memories!

Do you want to continue going to your appointments with the optimism that the next new drug / injection / procedure will be the one that finally works when none have before?

We don’t have the revolutionary new drug that stops pain in it tracks.  That’s because it doesn’t exist and never will exist.  Medications are only a temporary bandaid that calm the brain.  They do not stop pain and they do not fix the problem.  But what we do have is the time and resources to determine the many unique sources of your chronic pain and  interventions that work with your body to safely and effectively get you out of pain, and keep you out of pain.

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